AGM and Round Table 6th December 2017

At 1pm over lunch on 6th December at 7-9 North St David Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1AW  the annual AGM will be held in central Edinburgh. It would be helpful if you could let us know if you plan to attend for catering purposes. It has been encouraging to welcome new people since the 2016 AGM but we still need more help us expand the STSG networks.

Some committee members contribute only occasional advice and support, whilst others are active preparing think pieces and organising discussions. We also like to see new faces in the main office bearer posts. If you think you could help as a committee member or in some other way then please get in touch.

Since 1984 STSG has been one of the best networks in Scotland if you want to understand transport policy and practice, helping those within the network to get things done. STSG is a place where transport operators, analysts, campaigners and government representatives from across the policy spectrum can meet to discuss issues away from the day job. Over the last 33 years the network has evolved and it needs to continue to do so to meet the new demands of the country.

STSG runs largely on the voluntary work of the committee and office bearers but our bank balance has been growing from sales and licensing revenue from previous papers and reviews. We would like to spend this money, so if you have a project that will help STSG deliver its goals which would benefit from a small contribution then please get in touch.

Between 2pm and 3:30pm the Round Table will discuss the latest emerging findings on the Paying for Better Transport workstream. Come along to input to this paper before it is finalised early in 2018.

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