Net Zero Scottish Transport

The Scottish Government is seeking to move to a net-zero economy by 2045. This will mean huge changes for the transport sector in Scotland. To achieve this level of change fundamental reform of the transport sector is needed:

  • Accelerating modal shift to public and active transport
  • Decarbonising vehicles and freight supply chains
  • Developing place-based solutions
  • Using new technology better
  • Developing new types of business model for green growth

Please share relevant plans and projects at this page. STSG is planning to develop this debate further during the summer of 2020 with reports planned for later in the year.

With COP26 being planned for Glasgow in 2021 Scotland must be able to demonstrate clear deliverable plans for net zero transport so please share the plans and STSG will hep to collate best practice.


  • The Just Transition Commission has been established to provide Scottish Ministers with practical, realistic, and affordable recommendations for action that will: maximise the economic and social opportunities that the move to a net-zero economy by 2045 offers, build on Scotland’s existing strengths and assets, understand and mitigate risks that could arise in relation to regional cohesion, equalities, poverty (including fuel poverty), and a sustainable and inclusive labour market.

    Contribute to their latest consultation here

  • How good to see timber return to Scotland’s railways after an absence of over a decade, now their Daily Log can live up to its name! Going forward, all we need is a battery-powered locomotive for the Far North and other rural routes.

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