Scottish Transport Review 62 – December 2021

Within the mainstream media the COP26 outcome has so far been judged by the wording of the final Climate Pact. This is pitched at a high level and makes no specific reference to transport. In STR62 we look at what COP26 actually means for Scottish transport.

One of the clearest short term impacts of COP26 was developing the growing fleet of electric buses across the city of Glasgow. STR62 looks at the way investment plans could transform the competitiveness of buses in the years ahead.

Alongside upgrading our transport systems to zero emissions we also need to improve practice modifying existing networks and we feature the choices currently being faced at the A83 Rest and be Thankful. How can the response to these landslips prepare us for many similar challenges in the near future.

These an other articles are published to prompt debate about how to improve Scotland’s transport. Please use the comments space below to join in the debate about these topics.

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