Scottish Transport Review 66 – April 2024

Who invests in Scottish transport? Are the goals of investors aligned with the policy goals of Scottish transport? The Scottish National Investment Bank raises much of its finance from private equity backers but are the goals of these investors aligned with transport policy aims? The SNIB was intended to partly replace European Investment Bank finance which is closely aligned with EU transport policy goals? What new investment opportunities are needed in Scotland to better align finance with successful policy delivery?

Is a 21st century metro a combination of lots of different things? We need to wait for the detailed business case for individual new links in the network but SPT’s new strategy gives some pointers for developing this new network.

The UK Climate Change Committee asks why Scotland is so far off track on climate change, when the policies largely seem popular with the Scottish public……and Audit Scotland also highlight that the way the Scottish Government spends money does not align with its policies. What do these watchdogs say should happen?

The Fair Fares review restated the Government’s commitment for fairer public transport fares but does not offer much in the way of practical action. Will the weak delivery on this and other commitments made in the 2021 Bute House Agreement mark the return to better consensus building in Scottish transport than has been achieved over the last decade.

Read these and other updates on Scottish Transport in STR66 here.

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