Scottish Transport Review 63 – May 2022

There has been a very welcome large boost to funding for active travel so STR considers some of the challenges and opportunities currently being faced by those working on these programmes – not least achieving inclusive community buy-in to solutions.

The Scottish Government’s strategic review of transport projects provides a welcome overview of future infrastructure plans but how will the projects being recommended be delivered? There are there as many questions as answers in this new review with Transport Scotland currently consulting on the way forward.

Data is often referred to as the new oil but effective data governance frameworks are lacking so STR looks at what needs to change and why.

The race against climate change to decarbonise Scottish Transport remains the greatest challenge for transport but recent reviews suggest that Scotland is not yet out of the starting blocks.

There has been a high profile and controversial debate about Scotland’s ferries covering issues that have been debated at length in STR over the last 20 years. Politicians and businesses involved seem to be firefighting problems so what do the experts in the design of ferry systems say?

Read STR 63 here.

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