Seminar Programme – GIS, Remote Sensing, and GeoInformatics at the University of Edinburgh

EEO-AGI(S) Series Programme 2016-17 | The University of Edinburgh

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Friday 20th Jan 2017, 4.30pm

Future Land and Property

Janet EgdellOperations Director

Registers of Scotland

Title: Digital Transformation at the Registers of Scotland

Digital Transformation Digital is changing everything, from how we work to how we consume services. Technology is advancing every day, and the way we live our lives is overwhelmingly influenced by the internet. Digital is also significantly better for the environment, saving tonnes of paper every year.  Registers of Scotland is undergoing a digital transformation, moving from a paper-based organisation to one that always does everything digitally as the first option.  Recent legislation has already allowed an increase in the proportion of digital applications received, rising overnight from five per cent to over 20 per cent.  Boosting this figure will be a large focus of our work over the coming years as we do everything we can to protect our environment and make registering property faster, easier, and more secure than ever before.

General Register of Sasines – 400th anniversary year 2017 The General Register of Sasines – also known as the sasine register – is the world’s first public register of property ownership rights, dating back to 1617. It is a chronological list of land transaction deeds, which contain written descriptions of what the ownership covers.  Wednesday 28 June 2017 will mark 400 years since the sasine register was created by the Registration Act 1617.

Friday 3rd Feb 2017, 4.30pm

Future Spatial Data Infrastructure

Iain McKay

Improvement Service

Title: The Spatial Hub

The Spatial Hub is a resource which provides a single point of access to quality assured Scottish local authority data in a consistent format. It is developed, operated and managed by the Spatial Information Service within the Improvement Service.  Individual local authorities provide datasets to the Spatial Hub where they are conflated into a standardised format and published as a national dataset.

Friday 3rd Mar 2017, 4.30pm TBC

Future Science


Friday 31st Mar 2017, 4.30pm

Future Transport

Stephen Cragg

Transport Scotland

Title: I know where you were last night!

Part of planning for transport systems of the future involves a need to understand how people use transport systems today. How many people are commuting to work by bicycle, how many parcels are being delivered by small vans, how many people are taking the train to go for a night out in Edinburgh?

Traditionally, these questions were answered by going out and stopping people and freight vehicles and asking them about the journey they were making. However, new opportunities are now available through advances in camera technology (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), short-range wireless communication (Bluetooth) and the near ubiquitous carrying of mobile phones.

This presentation will discuss some of the practical challenges of turning these data sources into something useful and you can discover if I really do know where you were last night!


Stephen Cragg is a Transport Planner. In spite of wanting to grow up first to be a giraffe, then a chemist, he accidentally became a transport planner. Through his work he has developed a passion for data, maps and understanding why people make the travel choices they do. It is to his eternal embarrassment that despite knowing his left from his right, he still doesn’t know his east from his west.

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