The Role of Battery Electric Cars in Contributing to Net-Zero Emissions from Scottish Transport

The road to net-zero is far from clear but positive steps are being taken that point the way forward.

Douglas Robertson of the Electric Vehicle Association Scotland (EVAS) presented to a meeting on 26th November 2019 the ways that EVs can contribute to a cleaner transport future. Douglas is a retired electrical engineer with worldwide experience, the last ten years managing ULTra at Heathrow Terminal Five. EVAS aims to be the public voice of EV users. Douglas suggested that Norway was five or six years ahead of Scotland, with EVs now accounting for 50% of sales. Scotland’s provision of charging points is as yet a long way short of the entire ground floor of a multi-storey car-park given over to this purpose in Oslo. China leads the world with 40% of all EVs. In his personal mission towards going green, Douglas had progressed from a Nissan Leaf to a Hyundai Ioniq which yielded motoring costs of 35p per mile compared with 49p on a test diesel. His BEVs had given him over 90,000 miles of carefree motoring, and he had fitted solar panels to his home, where he used a Zappi charger which monitored exported power from the property and controlled the┬ácharging┬árate of the EV to match the available surplus generation.

View the presentation here.

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