Time to Stop Minding the Gap and Fix It

People have long thought that transport is male dominated because the people working in the sector have predominantly male interests like train-spotting and cars. Perhaps we have been looking at cause and effect the wrong way round. We know that girls are much more interested in social relationships from an early age and the new research suggests that it is these skills are particularly weak in transport. For the sector to become more social and inclusive major change is needed.

Transport is one of the country’s biggest employers with as many roles in people orientated customer centric functions as analytical and technical roles. Transport is used by all of society and needs all of society to help make it better.

In this new paper George Eckton seeks to stimulate debate by offering a personal perspective on what needs to change. He calls for a more collaborative approach within which poor practice is challenged.

The report is published on International Womens Day to provoke debate about what we need to do. Tell us in the comments below how you celebrate women’s achievements. This could be as simple as a donation to women’s aid Scotland here

Read the report here


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