Transport and Energy

Market reports from Portland Fuel say that:

February 2016 – “Aberdeen is now a world leader in so many more areas than simply oil extraction………….wind-power, cabling and communications, geological surveys, transportation”

October 2014 – “Quite simply, the world is currently awash with oil – far more than the current rate of demand growth requires – and this situation has been slowly building over the last 12 months”.

September 2014 – “is it economically desirable or even politically possible for any Government to champion energy sources that in the main are more expensive than traditional methods of power generation? At the last count, wind power in Germany was costing €0.18 per Kilowatt Hour versus €0.05 – €0.10 when using traditional energy sources (coal, gas, oil”

August 2014 – “Overwhelming reliance on North Sea Oil, in a sector as fickle as energy is a dangerous game indeed. ..there is enough oil to ensure that an independent Scotland would not be the economic disaster that some have claimed”




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