What Should Local Authorities Include in their 2022 Manifesto Commitments?

With budget challenges, declining staff resources, and increasingly controversial transport choices many prospective transport Councillors might be forgiven for trying to duck hard transport choices. However the challenges of declining access to opportunity, climate change, and growing inequity are just three of the important reasons why visionary transport approaches should be central to every manifesto.

The most challenging transport problems can only be fixed with effective local action where local social issued can be resolved within communities. Attempting national ‘one size fits all’ transport solutions has never worked and local authorities must be at the heard of the design of locally appropriate solutions.

In the lead in to the May 2022 elections STSG will highlight leading ideas as they are published during the local government election debates. If one good suggestion can lead to an even better proposal then the competition for political success can be the race to the top that we all hope to see.

As always please contribute to the debate at these pages.

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