Why Do Many Transport Projects Cost More than Expected?

For some time there has been concern that project delivery in Scotland costs more than elsewhere. Is is because contractors need to put up with poor weather, or are different forms of contract used, or are their other reasons why many projects seem to cost more.

An article in Rail Engineer looked at why electrification costs for the Glasgow Edinburgh railways grew “all concerned need to understand why there were no such problems with electrification schemes delivered just a few years ago”, but for many projects it is hard to get details about why costs increased.

The Edinburgh Tram project is currently the subject of an inquiry which may shed some light on how and why costs were allowed to escalate and what lessons can be learned for the future.

This debate offers a place where articles and data on transport costs can be posted. If enough material emerges, STSG will collate the evidence to explain why transport can cost more than expected and what can be done to keep costs under control.

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